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Counseling for Anxiety

If you’ve experienced any of the following:

Anxiety, constant worrying, sleepless nights, panic attacks, upset stomach, racing heartbeat, headaches, and being easily startled, then I’m glad you’re here reaching out and researching for support.

I utilize a mix of approaches to support in the reduction of frequency and intensity of these issues. One approach I utilize is a cognitive behavioral approach where we analyze and look at thoughts and core beliefs associated with the above-mentioned symptoms.

I also like to utilize mindfulness and relaxation techniques to support you in learning new skills to ground yourself in moments of discomfort and distress. I recommend utilizing these approaches to calm your nervous system, while also working on managing those distressing thoughts. A combination of mindfulness and cognitive therapy can have lasting positive effects and can improve your confidence in managing your anxiety with these new skills.

While I understand there can be a stigma with experiencing some of these issues, I’m so glad that you’ve come here to look into supportive ways to work through them and lead a more fulfilling life.