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Spiro the Therapy Dog

Director of Client Happiness

Spiro, pronounced (Spee-row), is the Road to Wellness Therapy director of client happiness. He has been officially part of the Road to Wellness family since November 2021, when he joined the Bayramyan/Generales family. Since then, Spiro has engaged in behavioral obedience classes, socialization classes, and officially passed his Good Canine Citizen test on March 4, 2023. Spiro joined Golden Healer Service Dogs on April 1, 2023 as an official service and therapy dog.

Spiro is able to spark joy in all whom he encounters by showing off his loving and infectious smile. He loves to put his body and weight against you to show you that he loves and trusts you. He welcomes pets, loving remarks, loves making eye contact, and being in the presence of others. While he shows excitement at first when he meets you, he is truly a sweet, calm, and special boy.

He is present in virtual/telehealth sessions and has been in sessions with survivors of trauma, and has heard clients share their impactful stories. He has been supportive, loving, calm, quiet, and gentle. Spiro is available to join in person for sessions in Encino, CA. Spiro can also participate in walk and talk sessions, where the sessions are held at parks and hiking trails. Spiro is also available to serve as a therapy dog in senior centers, college campuses, hospice centers, hospitals, and clinics.

For more information on how to book a session with Spiro, or to invite Spiro to your organization, please reach out to Janet (Bayramyan) Generales at