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Read what our clients are saying.

Angela Y.

I've known Janet for over 2 years now and she is an amazing therapist and colleague! Janet is dedicated to her work and truly cares about her clients and the process of therapy. She is incredibly knowledgable and passionate about mental health. She is well trained in EMDR and many other evidence based practices. Janet is truly inspiring! I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for support!

My Staci D.

Janet is a warm, kind, and empathetic person whom I was lucky to work with for several years. Janet is full of knowledge and is passionate about putting her clients first. She has taught me so much in our time collaborating and all of the information she would share with me was extremely helpful for my clients. I would recommend Janet to anyone who is seeking a therapist who is easy to open up to, professional, and who genuinely cares.

Leanna G.

I've had the pleasure to work with Janet and she is an amazing person. I have gotten to know her as a friend and colleague. She is a kind, caring, and compassionate person. I am impressed with her clinical skills as a therapist. She offers many specialized service that other therapists don't such as EMDR, trauma focused CBT, and Telehealth therapy. I highly recommend Janet if you are looking for a therapist.

Ariel C.

Janet is a compassionate, caring, and skilled therapist. I've been lucky enough to know her as a friend and colleague for several years now, and I highly recommend her practice to anyone looking for therapy support! 

Menije B.

I have collaborated with Janet over 3 years now and I can confidently say that she is an exceptional clinician. Her dedication to provide the highest quality clinical service to her clients combined with her calm and pleasant demeanor makes her an excellent therapist. When I am in need of a referral for an EMDR therapist or sex therapy, I always refer clients to Janet. She is well liked by her peers and clients, and demonstrates integrity and adherence to ethical standards. She intervenes with clients in culturally appropriate ways.

Jordan Z.

What stands out to me most about Janet is her considerable passion. She is extremely passionate about helping people eliminate suffering. She is also noticeably driven to consistently learn and grow as a person and therapist. Essentially, she is exactly what a person wants in a therapist. Janet is one of the most attentive, intelligent, kind, and passionate people I've met. I give her my highest recommendation to any individual looking to move their life in a positive direction.

Katherine W.

Janet is a brilliant clinician and truly puts her clients first. Her professionalism and ethical principles are clearly a driving force in the excellent work she does. Her education and training in multiple evidence based practices are evident in the quality of care she provides. It was a pleasure working with her for two years in California in community mental health with high needs clients and their families. She has a lot to offer clients, and the field of mental health as a whole.

Brandon H.

Working with Janet is always such a pleasure! Since we connected in 2019, she's been a fantastic resource to our local Florida communities and me. She's genuinely an excellent therapist and professional!