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Jennifer Adams, LMFT

Do you ever feel like things will never change and it’s bringing you down? That you will never wake up happy or satisfied due to the past or current situation? Does it ever feel like a black “cloud” is following you, weighing you down? I am here to support you. Together we can address any challenges, stressors or past traumas to begin the process of healing, gain happiness or empowerment and boost motivation for living.

While therapy can be a scary place at first (hello vulnerability and sharing!); it can also be a great place for healing- one step at a time. My name is Jennifer Adams and I am a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (#138946) who specializes in Trauma Healing and uses mind, body and spirituality (if applicable to you) to help clients work through any issues that arise in everyday life.

Originally from Florida, I moved to California in 2014 to begin my journey working in the mental health field for the last 9 years. And yes I moved for better weather and less hurricanes besides my educational goals!  I have a background working with families, couples and individuals who struggle with grief and loss, traumatic experiences, depression, anxiety, psychosis and running groups on a variety of topics! I also have an extensive background working with and understanding those on the Autism Spectrum Disorder and Down Syndrome; providing an empathic approach to the challenges that are faced.

Within my background in community mental health, I have been involved in the Trauma Informed Care Committee, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee and was a Lead Assistant for promoting Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) with adults. I have learned that, despite our circumstances, YOU too can know what happened to you does NOT have to define you or stop your future goals!

I am also a self-proclaimed book and research nerd (if you ever want suggestions feel free to ask in sessions), so I’m working on my Ph.D. in Trauma and Disaster Relief at Northcentral University because I love to learn as well as teach others! My experience of healing my own childhood trauma sparked my desire to help others be free.

In therapy, I use and have been extensively trained in trauma-informed care; using whatever techniques are applicable and enjoyed by each client that comes into my office. Let’s work together to create a safe space to allow compassion, understanding, empowerment for yourself and the decisions you would like to make. As a prospective client you can expect to be treated with empathy, understanding and compassion without judgement. If you are looking to finally give yourself the tools you need to get past any barriers, take that next step and book your appointment today- you won’t regret it. :)