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What is Havening Techniques?

Havening techniques is a non-traditional form of healing therapy. It is a psychosensory modality that helps “de-code” traumatic and disturbing memories that have been encoded in the body and brain.

Havening Techniques utilizes a specific intervention called the Havening touch. The Havening touch produces delta waves in the body, which are typically produced in our most relaxed states, primarily during sleep, and what this does is it creates a gentle and soothing way to work through challenging or distressing issues and memories.

While the Havening Techniques is very new, it’s an alternative form of working through issues that’s very different than talk therapy. Havening Techniques can also support in managing anxiety, chronic pain, panic attacks, irritability, post-traumatic stress, abandonment issues, emotional eating, depression, and performance anxiety.

If you’re interested in learning more about Havening Techniques and how it works, feel free to contact me for a 15 minute phone consultation.

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